Getting started

This is my first time to ever attempt anything like this. It might be helpful to all of us if I tell you what it is I am trying to do (in case it doesn't work off the bat).

My intent is to create separate sections, by topic, of various research resources. What I am hoping is that as I create separate posts by topic they will be accessible by clicking the links to your left (Hey ... I said I was a newbie to this stuff), to make the material and its access more manageable. As I read through what's listed, I'll add my $0.02 worth (annotating the entries). That's my job.

Your job is to add your $0.02 worth (annotating both the entries and my opinions) so we can build a better resource base for our individual and collective efforts.

Ready or not ... here we go!


sharon said...

I am also doing research in drama therapy for my Ph.D. I'm doing exploratory study to help determine the direction of my disertation. This will be a great resource for all of us working on research. I have a small annotated bibliography, if you would like a copy to put up on your blog, please email me at yosharonyo@hotmail.com.
thanks, Sharon

Ruth W said...

Sharon -
This is great! I had hoped from your post to the DT serve that you might check in here. I AM interested and I WILL email you about your bibliography. The more the merrier here ... that's part of what this is meant to be/do.
Thanks so much!